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The Web master of is Keiji Saito. The profile of Keiji Saito is as follows.

Profile in English

first name: Keiji
family name: Saito

Keiji Saito in Chinese character [Saito Keiji] in Chinese character (Kanji)
Keiji Saito in Hiragana [Saito Keiji] in Hiragana
Keiji Saito in Katakana [Saito Keiji] in Katakana

gender: male
nationality: Japan
age: 35 (born December 23, 1978)

present residence: Tokyo
hometown: Himeji city in Hyogo prefecture
[in Map of Japan]

Himeji city has Himeji Castle(Himeji-jo): UNESCO World Heritage
Hyogo prefecture is bordered on the east by Osaka.


Though I mainly tweet in Japanese, I appreciate replies in English.