[BibTeX Management by JabRef and Jab2HTML]

JabRef is a free tool to manage BibTeX.
This web page presents how to use JabRef and its export script Jab2HTML.zip.
The export script Jab2HTML makes a html of bibliography like en_sample-Jab2HTML.

BibTeX is a tool for formatting lists of references in TeX. JabRef is a free tool to manage BibTeX. Though JabRef runs without TeX, it is supplementary tool for TeX system. If you insert references in a document made by TeX, you have to install TeX system in your PC in advance.

Download and Installation of JabRef

1. Download JabRef from http://jabref.sourceforge.net/. Click the download button in the website.

Download of JabRef

2. Download the file which is appropriate to your OS. If you use Windows, [exe] is easy to install. After downloading to your PC, install JabRef.

Import of settings: Pref-Jab2HTML

If you imports the preferences of Pref-Jab2HTML written by Keiji Saito, your JabRef will have Original tab and links to Google and Google Scholar.

1. Pref-Jab2HTML.xml is zip-compressed in Jab2HTML.zip. After Downloading the zip to your PC, uncompress to a folder like [C:Program Files\JabRef].

Contents of Jab2HTML.zip

2. Start JabRef and click [Options] > [Preferences].

Preferences in Toolbar

3. Click [Import preferences] and specify Pref-Jab2HTML.xml which was uncompressed in [1].

click the Import preferences button

select the Pref-Jab2HTML.xml

4. If JabRef imports the preferences successfully, [PDF links] in [External Programs] specifies [C:\Files\PDF]. Edit additional preferences like entering your name in [Owner] according to need.

check the directories

After importing Pref-Jab2HTML.xml, you can click external links in preview of JabRef.

Preview in JabRef with Pref-Jab2HTML.xml

Basic Use of JabRef

1. Open new bib file by clicking [New BibTeX databaseNew BibTeX base]. Otherwise, open existing bib file by clicking [Open BibTeX databaseopen BibTeX file].

2. Click [New BibTeX entryAdd new BibTeX entry] to add New BibTeX. Select the entry type.

add new article

Though you can input the items of BibTeX, Copy&Paste to [BibTeX source] is easier to get BibTeX.

Getting BibTeX from Web Search

Copy&Paste from Web search is easy to get BibTeX information.
  • In general, The providers don't take responsibility for the BibTeX information. You must check the output with eyes

Google:Scholar is useful to get BibTeX of academic articles. Specify the option to get BibTeX from Scholar Preferences.

Get BibTeX from Google Scholar

Lead2Amazon is useful to get BibTeX of books. Specify the option to get BibTeX the top of the page. Copy the BibTeX information in the search result.

BibTeX information from Lead2Amazon

Copy from information from Lead2Amazon

Paste in BibTeX source tab of JabRef.

  • [Ctrl+V] is useful to paste in JabRef.

Paste in JabRef

Keyword Search in JabRef

JabRef picks out related items by search. Click lens in toolbar and display the search panel.

lens in toolbar

Type search keywords and click [Search All Fields], JabRef picks out items related to the words.

Search by keyword in JabRef

4. If you insert citations in TeX document, copy \cite{BibTeXkey} in right-click menu. You can paste \cite{BibTeXkey} in TeX source. For, example, TeX source(en_bib_cje02.tex), bibliography data(en_sample.bib) and bibliography style(cje02.bst) make PDF output (en_bib_cje02.pdf)

copy \cite[BibTexkey]

Exporting bibliography html through Jab2HTML

You find a folder named CustomEx in Jab2HTML.zip. CustomEx contains layout of Jab2HTML. Jab2HTML makes bibliography html like en_sample-Jab2HTML.html.

1. Click [Options] >[Manage custom exports] in the toolbar.

Setting of Jab2HTML

2. Name Jab2HTML. It is easy to recognize. Specify Jab2HTML.layout in [Main layout file]. Specify [File extension] is html.

Specify Jab2HTML in main layout

3. You can export html from [Export] of File in toolbar. Jab2HTML exports bibliography html with arbitrary name.

Export by Jab2HTML

Exporting Selected Entries

JabRef can export only selected entries instead of all entries by clicking [Export selected entries]. Hold down the Ctrl key for multiple selections.

Export selected entries with Ctrl

Reference Table

JabRef can export bibliography html as a table format. Each row contains each BibTeX information in the table. You can search related items in the table using javascript.

search on the table

Reference for Microsoft Word

JabRef can export reference for Microsoft Word. Choose Harvard RTF instead of Jab2HTML.

  • Even if you don't use Microsoft Word, you can open RTF by WordPad in Windows. Even if you don't use Windows, cost-free Writer in OpenOffice.org opens RTF.

export as RTF for Microsoft Word

You can paste this RTF in the reference part of Microsoft Word.

reference for Microsoft Word

The tab of [Original] in JabRef contains original items to export Jab2HTML. The meanings of items are as follows.

You can write sentences in [note] [memo] and [comment].

link and text decoraton in preview of JabRef

The bibliography html have links to Google and Google Scholar search by title and author. If you put related article in [related tab] Jab2HTML makes internal links on the bibliography html.

internal links to related article

If you insert citations in TeX document, copy \cite{BibTeXkey} on the html list. You can paste \cite{BibTeXkey} in TeX source.

Copy from the html list.

Jab2HTML Update Log

The current version of Jab2HTML.zip is 2.10 on 2007/11/13.
You can make bibliography html like en_sample-Jab2HTML or sample-Jab2HTML:including Japanese

Version2.03 → 2.10 (2007/11/13)

Version2.02 → 2.03 (2007/11/03)

Version2.01 → 2.02 (2007/07/26)

Version2.00 → 2.01 (2007/01/17)

Version1.70 → 2.00 (2006/12/20)